Keep Gates Closed!

Most people think they are helping the Wild Horses by feeding them... We know it may be tempting, they are so adorable and some even friendly! However, what this does is make them want to come back down to the neighborhood where they were given that food. Smart animals they are! It is so kind for people to want to help these beautiful mustangs, but being aware and helping others understand why they should feed will help them stay in the mountains.

Adopt a Mustang

Get Involved!

If you live in the Damonte area, you have probably noticed fencing and gates put up along the bottom of the mountain. This is an effort to keep the Wild Horses up in the mountains where they belong. We believe this has helped tremendously. Usually when horses are out in the neighborhoods, it is because people are leaving the gates open!  So what can you do? If you use the gate, please close it, and if you notice a gate has been left open please take a moment to close it.

Virginia Range Wild Horses are under ownership of the Nevada Department of Agriculture. Our horses do not have the same protection as the BLM horses. Once they are removed they must be rescued by one of the non profits or they will be sent to an Auction where their fate is undetermined.   If you are interested in saving a wild mustang click here.  We have seven of our own rescues that will remain with us. If you would like to know more about our rescues, you can read their story here.

Do NOT Feed!

Drive Slow!

Report Damaged Fencing!

There are SO many ways YOU can get involved in helping the Wild Mustangs! Together, doing small things, we can make a BIG difference. Below are some ways you can help keep them safe. If you are interested in doing more, please look into becoming a volunteer of our non-profit by clicking here!


​Connecting ~ Protecting ~ Educating

In areas where you see a wild horse sign (as seen below) it is a warning! In these areas keep an eye out and slow down incase of an unpredictable Wild Horse crossing with it's band. Car/horse wrecks can be prevented through awareness and slowing down in these areas.

There has been fencing put up around the majority of the base of the mountain in the Damonte area in efforts to keep the Wild Horses in the mountains! Another way the horses are getting down into the neighborhoods is broken, damaged or weak areas of fencing. If you notice and area that horses could be getting through, please contact us!