​Connecting ~ Protecting ~ Educating

Thank you for your interest in Wild Horse Connection!  We are an all volunteer, boots on the ground 501c3 dedicated to making a difference in our community. 

Together we can make a difference,  Some of the items you can make happen with your contribution.

1. Supplies to keep Wild Horses (Estrays) off public streets. 
       Fencing materials, Hay for diversionary feeding, Gates, Tools, Seed to help with sub staining natural grazing on the range, Water Resources and other materials needed for community projects. 

2. Supplies for our Rescues 
       Panels, Trailer,  Ropes, Hay, Vet Care, Shelters, Training 

3.  Land 
         Conservation, Emergency placement/holding, Foster Care, Rescue and Rehabilitation. 

Contact us for more information